Below you can download the Annual, narrative and financial report for 2022 from the Voluntary Fire Department (VFD)  Sveti Nikole.





We are voluntary, non-profit, a humanitarian organization in the field of fire protection, which has been continuously working and functioning since 1935. With great love and dedication, we put out fires to increase the safety of the entire population and the nature. Ours members always everything ready yes, they answer on the needs and demands of the community, and with that they make up for the shortage of firefighters that exists in the fire brigade sector in the state. We have acquired large trust from on the part of the population, thanks to the well-trained team, the organizational structure and the excellent fire fighting equipment and vehicles we have at our disposal. Our team is always ready for quick interventions caused by various natural disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes, erosion, winds), traffic accidents and epidemics (COVID -19), but we also invest special effort in implementing our educational program and preventive actions with purpose building aware and conscientious citizens, how to build survival skills of the children and youth through the educational one system, with who no they can to be acquired through the programs in the educational process.



VFD Sveti Nikole them defined next goals for the period 2022 – 2025 and that:

  • Construction on functional dedicated garage for 6 fire fighting
  • Achieving long-term financial sustainability;
  • Institutional Development of the organization; and
  • Construction on network on voluntary fire fighting societies in