For thirty years in Republic of North Macedonia (RNM), does not have official statistics on the number of active volunteer fire departments, their human and material-technical capacities. This lack of relevant information is a result of the inactivity of the competent institution – the Republic Fire Fighting Union of the Republic of North Macedonia (RFFU), leaving a lot of room for speculation and manipulation with the numbers of active VFDs in RNM. This situation has direct implications for the creation of security firefighting policies in the country by the competent state actors, the Directorate for Protection and Rescue (DPR) and the Crisis Management Center (CMC) of the Republic of North Macedonia .

The volunteer fire department Sveti Nikole, encouraged by this situation in the fire sector in RNM, in the period from 01 to 06 months 2021 within the project “Voluntary firefighting departments, active social stakeholders!!!”, publishes the “Report and address book of voluntary fire departments in RNM”.

The purpose of the report is to determine the real situation in the voluteer fire sector, by mapping and identifying the really active VFDs, their human and material-technical capacities at their disposal, for their future networking for better representation before the relevant state security institutions DPR and CMC in RNM, in order to build a modern, stable and functional voluntary firefighting sector in the country, as one of the most essential for the safety of the entire community and protection of nature.

This report  presents and analyzes the views of the legal representatives and other relevant staff of the voluntary fire departments in RNM, by collecting accurate address data and the current situation of the departments, in terms of human and material-technical potential.

The study is published in printed form in Macedonian and is publicly available on the website of VFD Sveti Nikole,  and can be downloaded from the link below.