Below you can download the Annual and Narrative Report for 2020 from the Volunteer Fire Department  Sveti Nikole.



The voluntary fire department Sveti Nikole (hereinafter: VFD Sveti Nikole during the year conducted more than 25 activities that were provided within the set goals for fire prevention, education, realization of training sessions and implementation of direct actions, resulting from the planned annual program towards achieving the expected results. The activities and the achieved results are due to the annual program of VFD Sveti Nikole, which is financially supported by the LSGU Sveti Nikole, membership fee by our constituents and supporters and donations from domestic and international donors and supporters.

Realized activities during the year:

  • Active participation of 150 volunteer firefighters in locating 30 fires (urban and forest) on the territory of the municipality of Sveti Nikole;
  • Performance of a team of 20 of our members on 1 flood and water extraction from 20 flooded houses;
  • Developed curriculum for education and practical training of 16 volunteer firefighters;
  • Performed 3 demonstration exercises with the participation of 16 volunteer firefighters and presentation of the equipment and technique available to VFD Sveti Nikole in front of students from the two primary schools in the town of Sveti Nikole and the village Erdzelia.
  • Educational and practical trainings were held in which 8 young and 8 senior volunteer firefighters were trained;
  • Participation of 2 of our representatives at a meeting at the German Embassy Skopje with the Ambassador Mrs. Christine Althauser and Marina Serafimovska from the Economic Department of the Embassy.
  • Taken part in 10 meetings by 15 of our members with relevant state institutions for the development of the fire sector in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • Visiting more than 100 students at our fire station from the local primary schools to get acquainted with the vehicles and equipment we have and what it is like to be a firefighter.
  • 4 working visits to VFD were made by 9 representatives of our international strategic partner Operation Florian from Great Britain, for preparation of the future joint activities for promotion and strengthening of the fire-fighting and rescue system of the Republic of Macedonia .

In the implementation of the program activities, several activities were not implemented in the direction of preventive performance and our promotion to all educational institutions, the business sector and state and local stakeholders in terms of modest financial resources available to our organization.


Vision : Sveti Nikole yes be community на healthy , happy and conscientious citizens who actively contribute for prevention from fires and others elementary disasters , building harmony between man and nature .

Mission : VFD Sveti Nikole works на prevention for protection на the animal environment and nature from fires and others harmful impacts на voluntary basis through education and coordination на citizens pri direct actions and interventions .                      

VFD Sveti Nikole achieves its mission by organizing and conducting research, analysis, training sessions and conducting direct actions to deal with all natural disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.).

Goals: VFD Sveti Nikole defined the following goals for the period 2019 – 2024:

  • Achieving long-term financial sustainability;
  • Institutional strengthening of the organization and


Voluntary fire department Sveti Nikole works and works since 1935 and is non – profit , humanitarian organization from the domain на fire department protection which functions на voluntary basis . There is good trained team , organizational structure and significantly and relevant experience на locally and nationally level in humanitarian and firefighting actions , participation in elementary accidents and traffic accidents . VFD Sveti Nikole as humanitarian organization from always her promotes tolerance and mutual trust between included pages in initiatives , as in  the change на the public spirit with selfless and active commitment for promotion на the public good and good на overall community . 

Motivation for establishment на ours organization is the emergence на big fires in city Sveti Nikole and the surrounding area in the beginning of the 20th century . Seeing her the need на community from organized access for localization на fires , coping with floods , earthquakes and others natural disasters , then advanced youth , merchants , craftsmen and urban authorities , jointly approached to initiative for formation на organized fireproof service , as result на she initiative are forms ours institution , which to today in continuity already 83 years them realized their programmatically activities . In meanwhile , permanently works for promotion and increase на institutional facilities with purpose build на modern , stable and sustainable fireproof system in Sveti Nikole and beyond на territory на Republic of Macedonia , through raising на the public consciousness for citizens , in particular the young population for dangers from fires, the rest natural accidents and traffic accidents .

VFD Sveti Nikole, dedicated works на  programmatic and structural transformation and construction на capacities на the organization from aspect на quality and quantity на human and material-technical resources which is one from goals which VFDs are strive yes them achieve на the road to achievement на mission for existence на the department.

We would like to emphasize that since its establishment until today, 328 members have been registered in the registry of the department, who have taken an active part in the implementation of all program goals of our humanitarian and non-profit association.

Our organization has no paid staff and carries out all activities on a voluntary basis. The governing bodies of VFD Sveti Nikole are: Assembly, Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Eldership.

All activities of VFD are focused on all our constituents, all relevant local and state actors, the business community, the non-governmental sector and before the entire citizenry at local and central level as end users of the work of our institution.


In the calendar year 2017, VFD worked on the implementation of the activities from its annual program financed by the local self-government unit Sveti Nikole, the project “Procurement of necessary fire-fighting material and technical means for greater efficiency, operability and success of VFD Sveti Nikole” was realized. financed by the German Embassy Skopje in the amount of 5,554.44 UER or 340,151.00 MKD. VFD Sveti Nikole every year takes an active part in meetings, workshops and forums to improve the capacity of the institution and the fire and rescue sector in the municipality and in the Republic of Macedonia, also conducts various actions for the common good of the community at the invitation of partner organizations and continuously nurtures and promotes 10 years of relations with the strategic partner Operation Florian from Great Britain in building a modern fire-fighting system in the Republic of Macedonia.

The following equipment was procured by the German Embassy in Skopje, as follows:

  • Pump for water extraction model WT30 XK3 DE – for more successful management of the floods that occur on the territory of the municipality of Sveti Nikole and beyond on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia in case of declaration of a natural crisis.
  • STIHL chainsaw – MS 460R – special tool, whose purpose is specific to the needs of the fire service in the process of dealing with fires in search and rescue of persons in urban fires;
  • Water backpack (tank) with hand pump model V25-FELIX B25- Backpack 25l. – Water tank with 25 liters, the same is used in the process of suppression of forest fires in inaccessible terrain, ie their extinguishing and control.
  • GALAXY panoramic mask for the whole face model M9200NO and mask filter ABEK 2 – protective mask with filter in case of forest fires, which provides primary protection from heat and at the same time absorbs toxic gases, dangerous for the human body, which are released during the combustion process.
  • Midland GXT1000vp4 Walkie Talkie Radio Station device for improved communication and coordination of the teams of VFD-Sveti Nikole during fire interventions and other natural disasters.