Below you can download the Annual and Narrative Report for 2020 from the Volunteer Fire Department Sveti Nikole.


Voluntary fire department Sveti Nikole (in further text: VFD Sveti Nikole in course на the year conducted pm e k e from 30 activities who were provided within на the planned goals for firefighting prevention, education, realization на training sessions and implementation на direct actions, derived from the planned annual program towards achieving the expected results.

The activities and achieved results are owe на the annual program на VFD Sveti Nikole, which financial e supported from side на ULSG Sveti Nikole, membership fee from side on ours constituents and supporters, as and donations from domestic and meg ́ international donors and supporters.

Realized activities during the year

  • Active participation на 84 voluntary firefighters in localization на 21 fires (urban and forest) on the territory of the municipality of Sveti Nikole;
  • Received donation – easy fire-fighting inwardly vehicle Mercedes with complete FF -equipment by our strategic partner Operation Florian from Great Britain;
  • Realized the project with title “Works на yourself for yes can yes im help на the others!!!” from the project for “Transparency and accountability на civil _ organizations “, funded from European union, a implementer на the same e The Macedonian center for meg ́ international cooperation (MCIC), The Balkan network for development на civil _ society (BCSDN) and The center for information, cooperation and development of civil society organizations from Slovenia (CNVOS).
  • Made teaching plan for education and practical training на 12 new young volunteer firefighters .
  • Derived 3 demonstrative exercises with participation на 16 voluntary firefighters and presentation of the equipment and technique with which has VFD Sveti Nikole before students from both primary schools in the city of Sveti Nikole.
  • Held are educational and practical training на who are trained 8 young and 12 senior volunteer firefighters;
  • Taken participation на 3 meetings from side на 6 ours members with relevant state and local institutions for development на firefighter sector in municipality Sveti Nikole and Republic of Macedonia.
  • Visit на pm e k e from 80 students на ours firefighting station from local primary school.
  • Held working meeting with 2 representatives на the donor Bjästa School (Bjasta School) from the Kingdom Sweden, for deepening на cooperation and find _ на partner from section на fire protection.
  • Participation на 5 ours representatives in training for writing на project idea to successful project aFFlication and workshop for strategic positioning organized from side на Civil _ resource center.
  • Presence на 14 ours members на pm e k e from 10 workshops, forums and conferences organized and realized from side на MCIC, Civica Mobilitas and Civil _ resourceful center;
  • Assistance на 4 ours Article a for realization на thematic forum Citizens _ – participants in local policies organized and implemented by Civica Mobilitas;
  • 4 working visits на VFD from side на 7 representatives на our meg ́ international strategically partner Operation Florian (Operation Florian) and the new partner Fire Aid (Fire Aid), both from Great Britain, for preparations на the future common activities for improvement and strengthening of the fire-fighting and rescue system of the Republic of Macedonia.
  • made architectural solution for build на new part на ours firefighting station and complete renovation of existing premises.
  • Concluded contract for supply with electric energy with EVN Macedonia – Elektrosnabduvanje DOOEL Skopje, as the best and cheapest bidder.


Vision Sveti Nikole yes be community на healthy, mode k us and conscientious гра г ́ ани who actively contribute for prevention from fires and other elementary disasters, build k and harmony between man and nature.

Mission: VFD Sveti Nikole works на prevention for protection на the animal middle and nature from fires and others harmful impacts на voluntary basis through education and coordination of citizens in direct actions and interventions.

VFD Sveti Nikole her accomplishes its mission through organizing and implementation of research, analysis, training sessions and implementation на direct actions for coping with all natural disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.).


VFD Sveti Nikole defined the following goals for the period 2019 – 2022:

  • Procurement through donation of firefighting vehicle for forest fires;
    • Achieving long-term financial sustainability;
    • Institutional strengthening of the organization and
    • Building a network of voluntary fire companies in the Republic of Macedonia.


Voluntary fire department Sveti Nikole works and functions from 1935 year and is non-profit, humanitarian organization from the domain на fire department protection which works на voluntary basis. There is good trained team, organizational structure and significantly and relevant experience на locally and nationally level in humanitarian and firefighters actions, participation in elementary disasters and собра к ayni nesr e k and. VFD Sveti Nikole as humanitarian organization from always her promotes tolerance and meg ́ special trust omek ́ u included pages in initiatives, as and in the change на the public spirit with the selfless and active commitment for promotion на the public good and the good of the overall community. Motivation for establishment на ours organization e occurrence of large fires in city Sveti Nikole and the environment in the beginning на 20 century. See k and the need на community from organized access for localization на fires, coping with floods, earthquakes and others natural disasters, then advanced youth, merchants, craftsmen and urban authorities, common aFFroached to initiative for formation of organized firefighting service, as result на she initiative are forms our institution, which to today in continuity century e 8 4 years them realized their programmatically activities. In at that time , permanently works for promotion and increase на institutional facilities with purpose build на modern, stable and sustainable fire protection system in Sveti Nikole and wider на territory на Republic of Macedonia, by booting на the public consciousness for citizens , especially the young population for dangers from fires, the rest natural disasters and traffic acsidets. VFD Sveti Nikole, dedicated works на programmatic and structural transformation and building of facilities на the organization from aspect на quality and quantity на human and material-technical resources what e and one from goals who VFD are strive yes them achieve on the road to achievement на mission for existence на the department. We want yes we point out that since its inception to today in the parent book for records на the department are registered 328 members, who have taken actively participation in implementation на all programmatically goals of our humanitarian and non-profit association.

Ours organization no paid staff and all activities them implements on a voluntary basis base. Bodies на management на VFD Sveti Nikole are: Assembly, Menagament Board, Supervisory Board and Eldership.

all activities на VFD are focused to all ours constituents, all relevant local and state stakeholders, business the community, non-governmental sector and before the entire citizenship на locally and central level as final users from operations на ours institution.


In calendar 2019 year VFD Sveti Nikole conducted 70% from provided activities from its annual program funded from side на the unit на local self-government Sveti Nikole. Successfully realized Donation from the strategic partner Operation Florian of a light fire-fighting vehicle Mercedes with complete FF equipment.

Successful attached project with title “Works на yourself for yes can yes im help to others !!! ” from the project for “Transparency and accountability на civil _ organizations “, funded from European union, a implementer is a Macedonian center for international _ cooperation (MCIC), The Balkan network for development на civil _ society (BCSDN) and The center for informing, cooperation and development на civil _ organizations from Slovenia (CNVOS). With realization на project activities are strengthened capacities and skills на 32 members / volunteers who participated на the four-day workshops, for first time are made Annual report for work на VFD, promotional video and organizational audit. Everything this resulted with bigger visibility and transparency на VFD, advanced tools for informing, reporting and transparency, as and introduced practice for preparation of annual reports.

Active co-payment на meetings, workshops, trainings, stands, forums and conferences for promotion на capacities на the institution, organized from various domestic and meg ́ international donors. Participation на working meetings with local and state stakeholders from the field на fire department protection for promotion на firefighter and rescue sector in the municipality and РМ. Realized meetings with strategic partner Operation Florian from Great Britain for defining на the future activities for building of a modern fire-fighting system in the Republic of Macedonia.

The regular annual program на VFD Sveti Nikole for 2019 year financially supported by the LSGU Sveti Nikole, the following activities were realized:

Educational part conducted trainings

  • 2 – workshops for firefighting tactics for extinguishing на forest fires covered 8 member of VFD;
  • Conducted 6 hourly educational workshop for 8 participants with meeting на breathing aFFaratus and the manner of their use in urban fires;
  • Education на 4 members на VFD for tactics for access and meeting and aFFlication на equipment for interventions in incidents with dangerous substances;

Practical part of realized trainings

  • Conducted 12 hourly training на 4 young firefighters for work with 10.5 metric ladder, operation with FF nozzles and FF hoses (suction and suFFression);
  • Held 8 hourly training на 2 team from after 4 members firefighters – seniors for handling with 13.5 meters FF-ladder and work with all species на pumps with who has VFD (on vehicles and portable);
  • Transferred training in duration from 8 hours for usage на breathing aFFliances на 2 team of 2 participants each.
  • Taking на actively participation на pm e k e from 84 ours members на lead from 21 direct fire extinguishers interventions (forest, urban fires and floods) after call on the territorial firefighting unit (TFFE) Sveti Nikole, ULSG Sveti Nikole and the Directorate for Protection and Rescue of the Republic of Macedonia.
  • Participation на 4 ours representatives на stands and workshops на The crisis headquarters на Municipality of Sveti Nikole for coping with all species на incidents на territories на Municipality of Sveti Nikole and Lozovo, organized from side на The center with management with crises of the Republic of Macedonia;

4 .Donation of  firefighting vehicle Mercedes

  • As a result of the long-term project with ours Strategic Partner Operation Florian from Great Britain, a in direction на increase на materially technical facilities of the department for more successfully performance pri any kind на incident, our partner donated to us completely equipped easy fire-fighting vehicle Mercedes 814D. For successful realization на the project with donation на financial funds for coverage на costs for transport, residence and registration на FF the vehicle from Great Britain, contributed socially responsible companies and that: insurance department “Insurance Macedonia – Vienna Insurance Group “; “Armor Plus ” Skopje; BIM AD Sveti Nikole; Andonov dooel Sveti Nikole; “Ladybug Print ” Sveti Nikole; “Auto Insurance” Sveti Nikole; “Mechkuevska House – Puse ” Sveti Nikole; “Element – G ” Sveti Nikole;

Lyon doo Sveti Nikole; “Shitkarski” dooel Sveti Nikole; “Fantastico” dooel s.Gorobinci and “Super Furnja” Kumanovo.

  • In implementation на this one large project for re-equipment на the department with easy Naval FF  vehicle were engaged пове к e ours members. The successful one and hard 3 daily transport на the vehicle with past пове к e from 3000 kilometers from Worting ( Worthing ) Great Britain to ours FF station was deed на ours members Darko Petrushev and  Kristijan Atanasov.

Realized the project “Work on yourself so you can

to help others “

  • VFD Sveti Nikole in the period from 01.06.2019 to 31.10.2019 successfully him implement the project with title “Works на yourself for yes can yes im help на the others!!!” from the project for “Transparency and accountability на на civil _ organizations “, funded from European union, a implementer на the same was The Macedonian center for meg ́ international cooperation (MCIC), The Balkan network for development of civil society (BCSDN) and The center for informing, cooperation and development of civil organizations from Slovenia (CNVOS).

The intended purpose на the project in whole are The project from all his aspects her achieved the target the project purpose, through process на promotion на visibility and recognizability на ours organization in local middle and wider, with the acquisition на advanced knowledge and skills, transferred from side на experienced educators for transparency and accountability and communication skills, as necessary and necessary tools in process на improvement на visibility and recognizability на VFD in front of our constituents, donors and the generalpublic. Everything strengthened capacities на ours organization for transparent operation on multiple levels, that is are improved practices for transparent narrative and financial reporting на per year level, are improved tools for open and clear communication with ours constituents, through publication на first annual narrative and financially report for 2018 year, audit report for 2018 year, 2 open days in ours FF station, improved and clarified web side, are made 5 annual strategy на period 2020-2025 and are made promotional video for greater recognition and visibility of the work of VFD in the local environment and beyond.

Donations of material and technical means

  • Donation на starter charger CD – 1000 from side на the donor Bjästa School (Bjasta Skolan), school from The Kingdom Sweden, represented from Vidan Naskov and Ulf Thors (Ulf Thors) .

Procurement of fixed assets and performed construction works

  • SAMSUNG vacuum cleaner for regular maintenance of hygiene in the FF station;
  • New decorative fountain built in the yard of VFD.
  • Roof construction made and executed thermal and sound insulation of the toilets at the VFD FF station.

Electricity suFFly contract concluded

  • Concluded e contract pod number 03-3 / 972 for supply with electric energy with EVN Macedonia Power supply DOOEL Skopje, as the best and the cheapest bidder of the liberal market for electric energy. With this one contract ours organization saves on average around 30% from previous accounts for electric energy.

Participation in meetings, workshops, debates

  • Taken actively participation of 14 of our representatives in 10 forums, workshops, conferences and forums organized and suFForted by MCIC , Civic Resource Center as well as the Civica Mobilitas program .
  • Participation of 4 of us representatives на den 19.07.2019 на workshop for Strategic Positioning organized and implemented from side на Civic Resource Center .
  • Participation of 1 representative from the organization на 2 the daily training 12.11.2019 – 13.11.2019 in Stip at the Training for writing на project aFFlication – From project idea to successful project aFFlication organized and implemented from side на Civil resource center.
  • Assistance provided by 4 ours members for realization на thematic Forum Citizens – participants in local policies organized which took place on 13.11.2019 year organized and realized by Civica Mobilitas .
  • Made two joint visits to 3 our representatives and 3 members of the international partner organization Operation Florian and 1 representative from FIRE AID from great Britain of the Directorate for Protection and Rescue of Republic of Macedonia (SSO of RM), for implementation of future projects for donation на firefighters vehicles and equipment pri what are held 1 meeting with the director на SSO на РМ The gentleman Adnan Xhaferovski and the coordinator for international  cooperation Valentina Atanasovska, на the same are he spoke for defining на priorities for donation на 4 firefighters inclined vehicles action in the municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia. After which it was performed visit to above 20 municipalities by 1 representative from Operation Florian, one representative from Fire Aid and 1 representative from VFD.

Prepared a new conceptual architectural solution for the building

  • Made an architectural design by our member Sofija Dushanovska to build a new part of our fire department station, necessary for normal functioning and implementation на all statutory activities на the organization, as and for

complete renovation of existing facility of VFD Sveti Nikole.


Balance of income and expenses

Balance на success

State records

Deployment на the result

Structure на income after activities