On 22.10.2021 Ambassador Anke Holstein and the presidents of VFD “Sveti Nikole”, Blagoj Tosevski, VFD “Bajram Miftari”, Artan Demiri and VFD “Dojran”, Stojanco Shulev signed an agreement for donation of technical and protective equipment worth 22,900 euros. Ambassador Holstein emphasized: “Volunteering is the whale of a society” and thanked the volunteer firefighters for their significant work, courage and commitment right in the moments when we are most insecure and most afraid for our safety.

The donation is funded from the budget of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Small Projects Fund and aims to encourage social and economic development in the host country.

As a result of the project supported by the German Embassy in Skopje for procurement of new sophisticated firefighting equipment in 2021, it was handed over on January 12, 2022 by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Skopje Anke Holstein.

 Project title:

 “Procurement of firefighting equipment for dealing with forest and urban fires, floods and Kovid-19 of 3 active in the field DPD in the Republic of Northern Macedonia – DPD Sveti Nikole, DPD Bajram Miftari Chair and DPD Dojran”

 Donated equipment:

 ATV SFMOTO quad bike with engine up to 850ccm

9 – motor sprinklers and blowers – STIHL – SR 420

3 – chainsaws for cutting wood – STIHL – MS 180

24 – Water pump with hand pump – B25-FELIX Backpack 25l

15 – Fire hoses 52 mm FAVORIT certificate О NORM F2105

5 – Fire hoses 75 mm FAVORIT certificate О NORM F2105

30 – Fire semi-masks HALF-MASK IN PP – THERMOPLASTIC OVERMOULD Ref. M6400E JUPITER with 2 filter slots

60 – ABEK1 filters for semi-mask M6400 JUPITER for 2 filter seats

24 – Portable radio station Baofeng UV-9R walkie-talkies

30 Pair of fireproof shoes ROCK DIORIT S3 up to 300 degrees Celsius

3- Piston motor pumps HONDA WB-30

3- Hydrant extensions B 2C

3- Hydrant T – key

3- Hydrant universal keys

12- Hydrant ABC universal keys

* Some of the photos and contents are taken from the official website of the German Embassy Skopje