The Donor circle is a form of association of several individual philanthropists to donate funds to civil society organizations. Circles enable citizens and families to donate wisely and together to make a difference in the community. At the Donor Circle, which was organized by the association KONEKT Skopje  on December 29, 2020. under the motto “To donate is love”, over 150 citizens joined online, and over 60 citizens donated 445,000 to three trusted organizations, the Einstein Dyslexia Association, the Rural Coalition and the Volunteer fire department Sveti Nikole, for long-term initiatives promote the well-being of citizens and communities. The Voluntary fire department Sveti Nikole was awarded 135,166.00 MKD. The purpose of the donation from Article 1 of the Agreement for allocation of funds on the basis of donation is realization, promotion, support of activities of public interest, ie for protection of firefighting vehicles by building a garage and related needs and activities.

*Some of the content and photos are taken from the official Website and Facebook fan page of Konekt.