Project: “Teaching the youngest about fire safety hazards and procedures” within the project SMART Balkans – Civil Society for a Connected Western Balkans, which is implemented by the Center for Research and Policy Making (CIKP) in partnership with Center for the Promotion of Civil Society (CPCD) and the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM), financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway.

Basic informations

Name of the organization: Volunteer fire department Sveti Nikole
Area of work: volunteer fire service
Start date: 01.05.2023
End date: 31.12.2023
Grant value (NOK): 80.438,22 NOK

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

The strategic orientation of the organization is a contribution to raised public awareness, more responsible behavior of the entire population and increased coordination and cooperation with the relevant local, state institutions and the business community, in the direction of improved education of the population, especially the youth, with the aim of reducing risk factors causes of fires, natural disasters, traffic accidents, epidemics and the huge consequences caused by them on human and nature. Undertaking permanent direct and preventive campaigns to increase environmental awareness of the population for the protection of the environment and nature. Strengthened advocacy before the relevant state stakeholders for the adoption of the new Law on Firefighting, compatible with the most advanced firefighting services from the European Union, with the aim of improving the firefighting and rescue sector in the country. Formation of a national Network of Volunteer fire departments (VFDs), for successful representation before the relevant state and local stakeholders with the aim of obtaining constant and stable state financial support, promotion of mutual cooperation of the volunatary fire departments, as well as taking initiatives for future regional and continental connections in Networks. Promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities, for the active inclusion of women in the so-called “male professions”, in which ours is by far the first in the world. Continuous promotion of humanity, volunteerism and civic engagement. In the next period, our CSO, through its organs and bodies, will aim at improving human capacities, financial sustainability, transparency and accountability, the functionality of administrative bodies, improving internal procedures, increasing the visibility and recognition of the organization before potential supporters and donors, increasing of paid staff, number of volunteers and gender representation.

Benefit from our work on the project?

The ultimate benefit from all the activities and products from the work of our civic organization will be the entire community and nature, through the implementation of permanent complementary educational and informational campaigns, in front of educational institutions, the business community, relevant state and local actors and the general population, placing special emphasis on children and young people, to acquire basic knowledge for building life skills for correct reaction and action in the event of fires, other natural disasters, traffic accidents and epidemics. The necessity of implementing such campaigns is the lack of an appropriate educational program for fire safety in the state’s educational system. With direct actions of our fire department in the process of dealing with all types of incidents and through the realization of ecological and other socially responsible actions, we will positively influence the entire population to emphasize and promote forgotten social values: humanity, solidarity, volunteerism and civic activism. In the creation of public policies, we will put a strong emphasis on the inclusion of women in the so-called “male professions”.

Project objectives and expected results:

The general goal of the project is to create knowledge among children and other specified target groups in primary schools from the municipality of Sveti Nikole in terms of their understanding of the risks and dangers of fires and to acquire skills for the safety procedures for behavior in the event of a fire and other elementary disasters.

The specific goal of the project is to create educational material for the realization of the general goal, adapted to the age of students from 1st to 5th grade, with the possibility that it can be replicated in other local communities in the future.

Expected results of the project are improved knowledge and acquired basic skills of students in the municipality of Sveti Nikole about safety procedures in the event of a fire and other elementary disasters and prepared educational material complementary to the educational process and its continuous implementation with the help of the teaching staff in cooperation with the mayor and the local self-government unit Sveti Nikole.











“STOP, DROP AND ROLL“ - Promotional video

The video demonstrates a procedure for how to behave if clothing catches fire:

Step 1: Don’t run around. Although it’s really hard not to panic, running will fan the flames and make your clothes burn faster.
Step 2: Lie on the floor (earth), this procedure makes it difficult for the flame to spread.
Step 3: Cover your eyes and roll forward a few times, back a few times.
This smothers the flame by preventing oxygen from getting near the fire.

"CRAWL TO THE NEAREST EXIT!!!" - Promotional Video

The video demonstrates the procedure of how we should behave if there is smoke in the room, so that we can leave it safely. By crawling to the nearest exit (door) and properly checking by touching the outside of the palm of the door and the handle.

NOTE: Never use the inside of your palm, because it can cause burns, and this can lead to difficult and slow movement to the nearest exit!!!


Photos from educational workshop

Prize-winning artwork

Art works by the participants of the art competition

Photos from an art competition exhibition