Basic informations

Name of the organization: Volunteer fire department Sveti Nikole
Area of work: volunteer fire service

The duration of the Action is 7 months


Summary of the Action:

The voluntary firefighting sector in our country has more than 190 years of tradition in the field of fire protection for the entire community and nature, other natural disasters, traffic accidents and epidemics of COVID-19, through prevention, education and replacement of direct suppressive actions, but for Unfortunately, in the past 32 years, due to inertia, lack of interest and carelessness of the competent institutions and organizations, the entire sector was left in a situation where everyone knows how to manage on their own, and as a result of this situation, there was a drastic reduction of active DPDs, from about 90 -the majority in the previous system fell to a number of just over 10 companies that actually remained active, but the new positive trends that appeared during the occurrence of catastrophic forest fires in the past few years are commendable, and for that reason about 7-8 were formed new DPDs.

Therefore, it is more than necessary to take an initiative to network all DPDs that will express interest, for the sake of organized performance, representation, increased visibility and policy creation before the competent state institutions: the Directorate for Protection and Rescue (DPR), the Crisis Management Center ( CMC), as well as before the local self-government units in the country, for obtaining legal state and local financial, legal and logistical support based on the positive framework of the Law on Firefighting (Official Gazette No. 168/2017), as well as its improvement and compatibility with the laws of the EU countries that our country strives for and an active contribution to the adoption of a new modern Fire Law.

Also, in the process of building a stable, sustainable, modern and profiled voluntary firefighting system, it is necessary to exchange good practices with advanced firefighting systems from EU/IPA countries, which will greatly help in the promotion and development of voluntary firefighting sector, as one of the fundamental for increased and improved civil protection of the whole community and nature.


Main goal of the action:

Our action aims to encourage networking of the voluntary fire brigade in the country, through the exchange of good practices with the most advanced fire fighting systems from EU/IPA countries (Republic of Austria, Republic of Slovenia and Republic of Croatia), in the direction of building a stable, sustainable, modern and a strong voluntary sector to create increased security for the entire community and nature in the Republic of North Macedonia.


Presentation of project activities:

Brochure and Fire fighting Coloring Book:

Environmental action - afforestation in ``Bogoslovec``
School visits and education of kids with special needs
Cleaning of a picnic area called ``BARESH`` - Gjurishte
Photos from the Election Assembly for the established Association of Macedonian Voluntary Fire Fighting Societies in Kavadarci