On April 21, 2017, Ambassador Dr. Althauser, the Mayor of Sveti Nikole, Mr. Zoran Tasev and the President of the Voluntary Fire Brigade, Mr. Blagoj Tosevski signed an agreement for donation and financing of sophisticated firefighting equipment worth 5,545 euros. VFD Sveti Nikole has existed since 1935 and is a non-profit civil association, which is active in case of fires and other natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and etc. The German Embassy supported the project by purchasing a professional water pump, a special chainsaw for firefighting, ten hand-held water pumps, protective masks and a radio station.

As a result of the project supported by the German Embassy in Skopje for procurement of new sophisticated firefighting equipment in 2017, it was handed over on February 20, 2018 by the Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Skopje Mr. Marko Aquatici and Mrs. Marina Serafimovska from the economic department of the embassy.

1- Water pump Pump model WT30 XK3 DE – for more successful management of floods that occur on the territory of the municipality of Sveti Nikole and beyond on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia in case of declaration of a natural crisis.

1- STIHL motor saw – MS 460R – special tool, whose purpose is specific to the needs of the fire service in the process of dealing with fires in search and rescue of persons in urban fires;

10 -Water backpacks (tanks) with hand pump model V25-FELIX B25- Backpack 25l. – Water thank fits on the back with a capacity of 25 liters, it is used in the process of suppression of forest fires in inaccessible terrain, ie their extinguishing and control.

10 -GALAXY panoramic mask for the whole face model M9200NO and

20 -filter ABEK2 – for protective mask GALAXY with filter in case of forest fires, which provides primary protection from heat and at the same time absorbs toxic gases, dangerous for the human body, which are released during the process of combustion.

6 – Portable radio station walkie-talkie Midland GXT1000vp4 device for improved communication and coordination of VFD-Sveti Nikole teams during fire interventions and other natural disasters.

* Some of the photos and contents are taken from the official site of  German Embassy Skopje