– General description of the project

Development of the voluntary firefighting sector in the Republic of North Macedonia by mapping and identifying the existing voluntary fire depertments, their human and material-technical capacities, resources and needs, in order to build a modern, stable and functional voluntary firefighting sector in the country, as one of the most essential for the safety of the whole community and the protection of nature.

     – Purpose of the project

General goal: Contribution to active, strong, united and sustainable voluntary fire companies in RN Macedonia.

Specific objective 1: To map and identify the capacities and needs of the existing VFDs in RNM

Specific objective 2: To establish continuous communication and coordination between VFD at inter-municipal, regional and national level

     – Users

Voluntary fire deparments in the Republic of North Macedonia

      – Duration

5 Months; starting from 01.12.2020. to 30.04.2021

      – Planned activities

1 Identification of existing VFDs in RNM, their resources, needs and problems.

  1. Collection of data and preparation of an address book of active voluntary firefighting companies in RNM.
  1. Initiative for establishing a national network of VFDs of RN Macedonia.– Total budget: 328,829.00 MKD– Expected results
    1. Mapped and identified active voluntary firefighting companies, their resources, problems and shortcomings in operation.

    Improved access to basic information and accessibility to existing active firefighting volunteers.

    1. Established National Network of VFDs in the Republic of North Macedonia.

    – Contact person for other information related to the project

    Kiril Mihajlov, tel, 075-806-621, e-mail dumpavlov1@gmail.com